Saving Rome's Restaurants

Our parent company is ProRome, LLC, a full-service Roman tour company. With the rise of the pandemic and the terrible economic devastation that accompanied it, ProRome launched Group Meals Rome. The goal of Group Meals Rome is to support the struggling restaurants of the Eternal City. See full story below.

Supporting Rome

Rome has suffered terribly since the pandemic. Our goal is to support the struggling restaurants of Rome.

Real Roman Restaurants

We exclusively parter with family-owned and operated Roman restaurants. That means great food and service!​

Le Bella Vita

Our groups get an insider's look into La Bella Vita - the beautiful life - which so greatly revolves around the table.

Our Story

& Why We Love Rome

Roma is the most beautiful city in the world. Anyone who experiences Rome instantly falls in love. Here, unlike anywhere else in the world there is something special – something almost magical – going on.  

Some come to Rome for the history and art. Others come for reasons of religious belief. Still others come just to “see” Rome – to see if she lives up to her reputation as being “Eternal”.  Yet everyone who visits Rome – no matter their reason for coming in the first place – leaves with the same feeling. A feeling of awe – an inspiring and powerful feeling – to live life to the fullest. 

Why does this happen? It’s not just the incredible art, the soaring domes and lively squares. It is something more. We’re convinced that the fullness of the Roman way of life almost sheds itself on the visitor, and nowhere is this more obvious and beautiful than in the restaurants. The bustling restaurants of Bella Roma are her lifeblood – the very expression of her greatness and incredible approach to living a beautiful and happy life. Foreigners sense it, experience it, and then proceed to fall in love it. 

This incredible gift of Rome to her visitors was shattered by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Many restaurants have closed their doors, some permanently, and others struggle to survive under the burgeoning weight of debt and less foot traffic. The pandemic will end, but the restaurants will need to fight to fix the economic wreckage that took place. We hope to help. 

Group Meals Rome is a meal-booking agency for groups of ten or more persons. Our network features some of Rome’s most authentic eateries, where three generations are running the kitchen and the floor staff is all related. When you book with us you are supporting fantastic restaurants who are sharing the gift of joy with the world. 

Our Team

Meet the people behind the scenes!


Managing Director

Joe is the managing director of Group Meals Rome. A dual-citizen of the US and Italy, Joe founded the full-service tour company ProRome, LLC in 2014, which oversees hundreds of tours to Rome every year. 


Communications Director

A native of Turin, Carolina's Piedmontese tendency for organization and efficiency keeps Group Meals Rome running smooth. Carolina is responsible for all agency communications.


Marketing Director

A native Roman, Francesca takes great pleasure in introducing her favorite Roman restaurants to the digital world. Her primary focus is digital marketing and content creation.


Restaurant Specialist

A Neapolitan by birth, Daniele has lived in Rome since 2013 and has since made the Eternal City his home. He is responsible for onboarding new restaurants and maintaining relationships. 

A Few Words from Our Restaurants

& Why Their Restaurant is Good For Your Group

We cannot wait share with you a true experience of Roma! Our food is the best and we're just next to the Vatican!

La Vittoria

Just next to the Pantheon, we pride ourselves in having the best carbonara in all of Roma. Maybe the Pantheon's perfection rubbed off on us!

Il Barroccio

Our pizza is the best in Roma. And we are just next to the best piazza in Roma, Piazza Navona. Pizza, Piazza, Presto!


I've been running this family osteria for thirty years. We'll take great care of you and promise the meal of a lifetime!

Osteria dei Pontefici

Located in the heart of Roma, our food is divine and the atmosphere quintessentially Roman. Dine with us!

Le Cave di Sant'Ignazio

Our grill is the best in Roma, and our pasta is very good too. After your catacombs tour pay us a visit!

Cecilia Metella

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