Earn Up to 10% Commission

Easy bookings and competitive commissions

Get a Partner Code

When you become a partner we’ll provide you with a Partner Code. Simply enter this code into the "Request to Book" form when you book a group or share it with others to input so that you get credit for the booking. 

Book and Pay

Once we confirm your meal with the restaurant we will issue an invoice for 25% of the total meal cost. Once paid your booking is finalized and a meal voucher will be issued. The remaining 75% balance is then due at the restaurant. 

Earn Up to 10%

We pay out the below commissions in EUR via PayPal in the first week of every month:

  • 5% for 10-100 clients per month
  • 7% for 101-300 clients per month
  • 10% for 300+ clients per month 

An Agency Built for Partners

Why Group Meals Rome is a one-of-a-kind platform where everyone wins!

Rome’s restaurants were decimated by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Many restaurants have closed their doors, some permanently, and others struggle to survive under the burgeoning weight of debt and less foot traffic. We’re here to change that. 

Group Meals Rome is a network of authentic and family-run restaurants throughout Rome. Our relationship with these restaurants is personal, as our parent-company ProRome, LLC has booked thousands of meals at these restaurants since 2014. Group Meals Rome gives groups access to these great restaurants, simplifies the menus and makes booking a breeze. Simply request to book on our site, pay the 25% deposit and bring the voucher with you to the restaurant. We do the rest. 

The simplicity of our platform makes Group Meals Rome’s potential for partners unlimited.  Agencies, tour operators and DMCs are already planning every single micro-detail of their group’s stay in Rome. When they partner with us they relieve their workload, make their clients happy and earn a generous commission along the way. 

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